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Therei sa smallrin g centriol ea tth ebaseo fth eflagellum. Youn gspermatido fth estinkbu gEuchistus. 4 2ha sbee ntransecte d throug hth eannulus,revealin ga bipartitestructure. I nlongitudinalsections,th eannulu s appear sa stw odensedot so neithersid eo fth eflagellumwit hth eles sconspicuousflocculentmaterialtrail ingperipherally(se eFig . Late rth eannulusmove s downth eaxia lfilament complexunti li tcome st oth e fibrous sheathwher ei tstops,forminga boundary be tweenth emidpiecean dprincipal piece.

A matur espermatozoono fth ejellyfis h Naustihoe. I nthi sspecies,a nelaboratestructurei sassociatedwit hth edista lcentriole. Th e9 + 2 flagellumha sn o accessor ystructures,an da smal l numbero f mitochondria ,generallyfour ,ar elocateddi rectly behin dth ehea di na radia larray . Th e proxima l par to fth etai lha sa peculiarhair y coatconsistingo fslenderfibrils. (F )Cros ssec tiono fth etai l a tth eleve lo fth een dpiece. Ultrastruct. Res. Afzeliu s andFranzen. Th enec kregio no f squirre lspermatozoai sparticularlybroa d andlong .

The ring reaches the posterior end of the nucleus at about the time that nuclear condensation is completed; then both the ring and its microtubules disappear. In Fig. 24, the large annulus with attachment to the cell membrane has yet to migrate posteriorly and is still at the posterior end of the neck. The complicated events that occur during the morphogenesis of the neck have been followed in mammals (Fig. 23) (49), insects (32), amphibians (82), and the earthworm (7). Figure 24 shows a developing neck of the Chinese hamster sperm.

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