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Cover the oven top with coals, and bake for about 30 minutes. Replentish the coals on top if needed. The cornbread adds a wonderfull taste and texture to this dessert. It has become a troop standard. com, Troop 39, Cannon River District, Cannon Falls, MN The Dutch Oven Cookbook -- 49 -- Audleman & Lyver Appendix 2: Seasoning My personal favorite method of "sweetening" dutch ovens is to get some heavy, spicy bacon or sausage and cook it in them. Next, completely cover the inside (and outside if you like) of your dutch oven with the grease.

Once opened, store air tight 10-12 months 3 months 2 weeks. Refr. after opening 6 months 1-3 months Refr. after opening " " " 8 months Refr. not needed 4 months Airtight containers The Dutch Oven Cookbook -- 43 -- Audleman & Lyver confectioners 18 months " " granulated 2 years. Cover tightly Vinegar opened 1 yr. E. Mixes and Packages Foods MIXES AND PACKAGED FOODS Biscuit, brownie, & muffin STORAGE AT 70 DEG F HANDLING HINTS 9 months Keep cool and dry Cake mixes 9 months " " " " angel food 1 yr.

Was the wash water hot when the patrol finished eating? Was there enough fire to heat the water quickly? Did everyone AP his own personal gear? __ The Dutch Oven Cookbook -- 46 -- Audleman & Lyver __ __ __ __ __ __ Did the KPs AP the kitchen gear? Was everything AP'd before it was washed? Was the gear washed and rinsed properly? Was the Dutch oven properly cared for? Was the sump hole filled in if this was the last meal of the day? Did anyone who was not busy offer to help the KPs? 3. SMACOS Failure being the mother of invention led us to discover a uniquely delicious treat this past week at Webelos Camp.

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