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Packed with useful specialist suggestion and plenty of sensible tasks, this booklet variation of the winning hardback is an interesting illustrated advisor to encouraging natural world into your backyard, no matter if you reside within the city or the rustic. Our gardens became a tremendous nature conservation quarter for animals, bugs and crops, particularly as many common habitats are being destroyed. With assistance from this useful and encouraging e-book, you could create not just a desirable miniature nature reserve but additionally an enticing backyard.

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The Wildlife-friendly Garden

Choked with valuable specialist recommendation and plenty of useful tasks, this booklet variation of the profitable hardback is an engaging illustrated consultant to encouraging flora and fauna into your backyard, no matter if you reside within the city or the rustic. Our gardens became an enormous nature conservation region for animals, bugs and vegetation, particularly as many usual habitats are being destroyed.

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They are also cleverly designed with a pair of specialized cells on either side of the opening. These so-called guard cells can change shape and close or open the pore according to need – they are open during the day but close at night, or at times of water shortage. The leaf surface is protected by a skin or cuticle of waxy material – yet another miracle of engineering! THE PARTS OF A PLANT – AND LOOKING AFTER THEM 33 see detail below a b vein c d main vein a b c d Figure 2-8. Section through a typical leaf of a broad-leaved dicotyledonous species to show the arrangement of the tissues and the different kinds of cell.

There are loamless composts made from a variety of dead plant material (peat, coconut waste and so on) but, if you neglect watering for a while, they are difficult to re-wet. To be completely peat free (see Chapter 6) you must choose one of the media based on recycled plant material. These are improving all the time – look out for the latest versions. Keeping damp but avoiding ‘damping off’ Moisture, but not too much, is the golden rule – if possible stand your container in a tray and water from below (this also prevents seeds being dislodged).

FROM SEED TO SENESCENCE 51 Figure 3-3. Different kinds of meristems. (a) Apical meristem, for example at the tip of a shoot. (b) Meristem in the cambium, the layer of cells between xylem and phloem in a stem for example (in longitudinal section). (c) Meristem at the node of a grass stem – where a leaf branches off. a b c Growing up There are similarities and differences between the way we, as humans, grow and the way plants grow. The main difference is that plants grow only at clearly defined ‘growing points’ called meristems.

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