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BD4593A9-B431-4095-B437-377398C162EA If you are choosing a crystal for a specific purpose (meditation, healing, and so forth), hold that purpose in mind as you choose. Usually you will sense an energy ‘reaction’ from a particular crystal, perhaps in the form of a tingling sensation, heat or a flash of light. 32 COMPONENTS A Meditation on Jade In Chinese thought, jade is very highly regarded, since it is said to embody the five cardinal virtues: charity, modesty, courage, justice and wisdom. For this reason, it can be used as an aid to meditation and a tool for self-development.

Then say the following or something similar: I cleanse and consecrate this candle (in the name of your chosen deity of you choose to use one). May it burn with strength in the service of the Greater Good. Your candle is now ready for use. Charging Candles This is a quick, uncomplicated method of more fully charging a candle. This method can be used without having to set up your altar completely. It can equally be used to charge your altar candles. YOU WILL NEED A candle or candles of the appropriate colour (if preferred, mark them with appropriate symbols) A candle holder Matches rather than a lighter BD4593A9-B431-4095-B437-377398C162EA METHOD ✤ Hold the candle in your ‘power hand’ (the hand you consider you give out energy with).

YOU WILL NEED Candle Oil METHOD ✤ Sit quietly and, holding the candle, think carefully about your intent. If you have learned to meditate, then enter a meditative state and allow the energies to build up within you. ✤ To bring something to you, rub oil on the candle in a downward motion from the top to the middle and then from the bottom to the middle. ✤ To send something away from you, you rub the oil from the middle of the candle out to the ends. ✤ Continue with either movement until you have a sense that you have done enough.

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