Engagement Stories

With over 2 million people getting married each year, there are happily ever after stories taking shape around us daily. Love is awesome. Let’s celebrate it.

& The Beanstalk">

Jeanine & The Beanstalk

• April 29, 2017 was the day a dream of mine became reality. Joshua’s cousin and his fiancée flew to Chicago to attend our housewarming and to take care of some last minute wedding planning. Everything appeared to be beyond normal! That Friday night we had dinner and drinks. We laughed over old times and Read More

An East Coast Engagement

Half of Kevin’s family lives on the East Coast of Canada in Nova Scotia. Him and I would visit them at least once every year. Unfortunately, the few years prior had seen Kevin’s grandmother pass away. She was very dear to his heart and was someone I was always profoundly grateful of meeting year after Read More

Postcards from Italy

The first time Chris and I discussed our wedding was while slow dancing to the song Postcards from Italy by Beirut while we were at Bonnaroo Music Festival (it should be noted this was about 7 months into our relationship). Fast forward 5 years to almost 2 months ago. The song had, over the past Read More

My never ending sunset

My name is Naginah, and my incredible fiancé is Petrit. He is my never ending sunset, and I hope a glimpse of our story brings a smile to your day! (Instagram username: @naginah_gigi)                          How we met     I was just 16 years old Read More

Our Engagement Story

Kyle and I have been dating for 5 years this month. For our fifth year anniversary he told me he had a romantic surprise for us. So I saved the date and looked forward to the day to see what it could be. I figured we were going to dinner at a nice restaurant (five Read More