2 States, 2 languages, 2 hearts and 1 love

Chaitra WM & Ragul Ganesh

Hello , this is Chaitra and Ragul. Here’s our cute little 2 states l love story. Read on :)

I am born and brought up in Bangalore , a typical Kannada girl. Ragul is a staunch Tamilian from Madurai currently working in Bangalore. This 2 states love story began 2 years back. You all might have heard about Love at first sight but ours is sought of a love at first “Phone Call”. Our first phone call went on for 3 hours straight. We met at a shopping mall where we shopped for hours together a month later and went on a dinner date… We haven’t stopped since then. Anyone looking at us could easily tell that we were probably childhood friends.

We decided that we have to stay together for the rest of our lives a month after our first date at Talkad (a tourist spot near Bangalore ) right in the middle of Kaveri river where he proposed for which I couldn’t say anything but a “YES”.

Eight months later , we took it to each of our parents who were understanding and very supportive towards our love even though they couldn’t verbally communicate with each other because of the language and cultural differences. Our parents arranged for a dream engagement ceremony on Feb 14th. We are getting married on October 20th in Bangalore.

Their special dates

Chaitra WM & Ragul Ganesh were happily engaged on 12/08/2014 and celebrate their anniversary on 10/20/2016.

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