9 years and counting !

Jenell John & Ted Solages

Ted and I have been dating since senior year in high school so I guess you can say we are technically high school sweethearts. We have been through good and bad times and still managed to fall in love all over again all the time. As our 9 year anniversary approached which is on New Years Day I just had a feeling that will be the night. We have talked about marriage and our future for several months and I had a feeling this would be the night but like many others that get their hopes up it was not. Every time we would go out I would dress up an spend hours to prepare knowing this would be the time and I was wrong.  However, when Ted did propose to me boy was I surprised.

We were in Costa Rica for my birthday traveling all around starting from Guanacaste to Arenal. We were relaxed, enjoying life and all that Costa Rica had to offer. Then on Monday, April 7,2014 two days before my birthday it happened. I was clueless, speechless, shocked and amazed all at once that he pulled off such an epic proposal without me even having a idea.  We went zip-lining, I honestly thought he was afraid of heights because he kept asking questions and telling me to go first. I was like what is up with this guy, he is into extreme sports he zip-line before does he has to use the bathroom (LOL).  Then on the second to last line he decided to go first and I was shocked since I thought he was afraid of heights I kept asking are you sure since this is the longest as well as slowest line. He said, “Jenell, yes, Im one with nature” and he started making monkey sounds (LOL). The zip-line guy kept saying, ” Wow, Ted is amazing guy he is fighting his fears, he brought you to Costa Rica for your birthday he brought you to this amazing place, when you go on the line just look around and take it all of nature’s beauty.”   I did exactly what he said and when I landed I kept talking to the instructor and was clueless that he was trying to stop me to turn around and see Ted on one knee in this 100 plus degree weather. I kept running my mouth until I heard him scream “JENELL !” I replied ” Yes. Ted I am talking to the instructor” not realizing he was on his knees for about 5 minutes. ” The instructor turned me around to face him and he said “Jenell, will you marry me?” I was in shocked, I said “What? are you serious” he replied “yes, my knee is killing me” I ran down the ramp and screamed “Yes, yes look at the ring, are you serious, OMG” He said, “Do you like it?” I replied, ” like, I love it.” I gave him a kiss they took our picture and then we watched the footage of him preparing and my reaction. I kept smiling and thinking it really happened I was engaged and looking like a mess (LOL). Everybody was in on it too the instructors, family and we have the whole thing on video ! The reason he kept going to the bathroom was to secure the ring in his cargo pants.  It was the best surprise ever and well thought out I would never ever thought I would have got engaged right before my birthday during zip –lining  in gorgeous La Fortuna, Arenal, Costa Rica.

Their special dates

Jenell John & Ted Solages were happily engaged on 04/07/2014 and celebrate their anniversary on 07/23/2015.

  • Akilah

    The “running your mouth and his knees hurting” parts were so hilarious. Unexpected, funny, fun-filled and beautiful all at the same time. Love it! Abundant blessings to you both on your journey together.


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