A night to remembered

willetter brown & Maurice Anderson

It was December 21,2015 the day of my birthday. It started out as a small gathering at my brothers house. There were cupcake cake and a few of my family members. Making videos of my family singing ‚dancing,and smashing people in the face with cupcakes. My fiancé had plans for me!! My fiancé, my cousin ‚and myself went to dinner at longhorn restaurant. Thee night was full of laughs and talks. Undecided meal orders and desert surprises.then while I’m eating my desert surprise my fiancé started talking about how much he loves me ‚then received a bag from my cousin ‚pulls out a box and then begin to get down on one knee. At first I thought it was a pair of earrings until I actually paid attention to what he was actually doing. I begin to feel butterflies in my stomach (even though we just finished eating) excitement started to rise, and words seemed not formed. He stated the words WILL YOU MARRY ME? As I look at him the word YES starts to form ‚with tears of joy in my eye’s, I’m overwhelmed with happiness. My soul connected with his soul. My smile brighter then the sun. I am now engaged to marry the man that God sent through his son.

Their special dates

willetter brown & Maurice Anderson were happily engaged on 12/21/2015 and celebrate their anniversary on 04/16/2016.

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