A Pirate’s Life for Us

Kerry Guedry & Chase Guedry

Background: Chase and I were friends in high school but that was it– we were just friends. When we were sophomores, a mutual friend tried to get us together, but neither thought the other liked them, and so it didn’t work out. After high school, I moved 1.5 hrs from home for college. I came back the first summer and Chase and I ended up dating, knowing that I ‘d be moving away during the school year.  Our first date was July 7, 2004. I think being friends first made it easier to have a connection– I think we both knew this relationship was different by the end of the summer, and so we stayed together despite the distance. We had some problems around Thanksgiving in 2005, but we weathered that storm and by New Years 2006, we were celebrating a new year together.

It begins: Chase came down to my apt to ring in the new year with some friends.  Jan 1 we all woke up and decided to go see a movie that had just come out. I hopped in the shower, and when I got out, Chase and one of my roommates were gone. I thought that was odd, because it wasn’t like Chase to leave without telling me bye. My other roommate said they had decided to go by tickets because they were afraid the movie would sell out. The theater was right down the road, so when time passed and they didn’t come back, I really began to be suspicious. They called and said my roommate’s car had a flat, and they had called one of his friends to fix it. I really became suspicious because a) we were closer than the friend they supposedly called, b) my roommate was the kind that would carry AAA and if he didn’t, he knew I had it and could have gotten someone out to help him, c) Chase isn’t the kind to let someone help him unless it’s something he can’t do, and I didn’t see him not trying to change the tire himself.…but I had no idea what else they could be up to, so I let it go and they returned eventually.

As the months went by, everything seemed normal, so I didn’t question it further. Then, right around July 2006, my family started acting funny. I would call them and ask what they were doing, and they either wouldn’t tell me or would tell me something that didn’t sound true. It made me really mad, and I let them know, but they were still acting shady.

The proposal: July 7, 2006 was our 2nd anniversary…it was also the day that Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest came out. Chase and I were big fans of the first movie and were excited to attend the midnight premier. We ended up having a large group of friends also plan to come, so we decided we’d celebrate our anniversary over dinner,  join everyone at the theater, and then exchange the gifts we bought for one another (so we didn’t have to lug them to the theater).  Chase was late picking me up, which was unusual for him, but we still made dinner in plenty of time. We had a ok dinner, although the restaurant we picked was somewhat disappointing. We made it to the theater and everyone was seated. During the pre-show, Chase and his friend kept leaning over and talking to each other, more or less ignoring me. When Chase ignored something I said because he was talking to his friend, I got aggravated and didn’t hesitate to let him know…but then the movie started so I let it go. The movie was excellent and when it was over, we stood around and chatted for a bit, then left everyone. We drove to the spot where we first said “I love you” (the parking lot of a restaurant just across the street from the theater). I gave him my gift, and then he told me I needed to get out and come to the back of the car because mine was in the back of his jeep. When we got there, he opened the trunk and there was a small treasure chest in the back. He handed to me, and started telling me about how much he loved me and wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. He was getting really nervous and I knew what was coming. He went to get down on one knee as I opened the chest, and almost fell and face planted into the bumper of his car. Inside the chest was the ring. I said yes, of course, and we spent a few minutes there just digesting what had happened. We then got back in the car to go to my parents’ house (where I was staying for the weekend while I was in town) and were greeted there by all our friends from the movie (they all knew what was going to happen). Turns out, the “flat tire” story was just a cover so Chase could take my roommate with him to pick out the ring.

The story continues: We debated getting married on our 3rd Janissary, July 7, 2007 but decided that it’d be too hot to wear a tux and dress in July. We decided on October 13, 2007 because we both like fall and because we consider Friday the 13th to be lucky and our anniversary would sometimes fall on a Friday. We decided that we wanted to incorporate Pirates into the wedding, so we had a themed dress rehearsal (everyone dressed like pirates and the rehearsal dinner space was decorated with a pirate theme), and even incorporated a few aspects into the reception (we had Caribbean food and music, used treasure chests to house the flower arrangements, had treasure chest favors, and cut our cake with a pirate sword, a treasure chest groom’s cake). We still have a love for all things pirate and have a whole collection of pirate things in our office.


Their special dates

Kerry Guedry & Chase Guedry were happily engaged on 07/07/2006 and celebrate their anniversary on 10/13/2007.

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