A Proposal for Her

Patrick Perriello & Chelsey Cleveland

I wanted to give my fiancé a proposal that was unforgettable so I decided to create a video that she would have forever. With 4 month of planning and preparation, the entire video took me about 8.5 non-stop hours. Every second was worth it.

Pre-Proposal: My fiancé, Chelsey, and I never give each other Christmas gifts but rather treat each other to a nice dinner, so I told her that I made reservations at a nice restaurant in the city. What she didn’t know is that (after the proposal) I would be taking her to her favorite restaurant an hour and a half away near the college where we met and then we would be spending the night at a cozy cabin. Since we would be traveling farther than expected I needed her to be ready to leave earlier, which is why I created a fake flyer and told her we would be going to a wine tasting beforehand. With the video ready to go and Chelsey’s mind concentrated on the wine tasting and dinner, I had everything in place.

The Proposal: While Chelsey was getting ready for “the wine tasting” I gave her a wrapped jewelry box. When she opened the jewelry box there was a USB drive in it. She plugged it into the computer, clicked on the document titled “Play Me <3″, and at the end of the video I proposed! (click the link for the video

) She said yes but what I loved most was her reaction when I asked her to marry me. Although she loved the ring, she never looked at it while I was down on my knee. That whole time, Chelsey looked into my eyes while I was telling her how much I loved her.

Post-Proposal: After Chelsey became my fiancé I told her what we were really doing that evening. She was so excited! On the hour and a half drive we called all of our friends and family to tell them the good news. Only one more surprise awaited. I called a month ahead and spoke to the owner of the restaurant we were going to so when we arrived we had champagne, roses and strawberries all set up for us at a table. After dinner, we went back to the A-frame cabin where we enjoyed wine by the fire and a dip in the hot tub.

The whole day was exactly what I wanted it to be: unforgettable!

Their special dates

Patrick Perriello & Chelsey Cleveland were happily engaged on 01/05/2013 .

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