A Story Five Years in the Making

Allison Quintanilla & Kristopher Plattsmier

Kris and I first met back in 2007. We had gone to middle school together for 3 years and knew about each other but never really talked. That year,  I was still in 8th grade and he had gone on to our bridge school, Hume-Fogg for 9th grade. We were both friends with two sisters that went to our school, Heather and Tara. I was more friends with Heather at the time (she was the grade below me) and Kris was more friends with Tara (she was in his grade).

That year they held a joint birthday party and had a party bus at their house. It was around Halloween and I had gone to a fair earlier that day and gotten a Fazoli’s tattoo that I mistakenly thought was a pumpkin. I decided to try to start a conversation with Kris during a break in the party. He was outside with a couple of his friends on the steps and I went up to him, thinking I was just the coolest, and bragged about how appropriate my pumpkin tattoo was for Halloween. He regretfully informed me that it was, in fact, a tomato. I blushed and thought I was going to die of embarrassment, but we had a good laugh about it and continued talking for a while after that.

Later on in the party, we went on to the party bus and Kris got stuck in the middle of a giant mosh pit and everyone dog piled on top of him. His knee got hurt pretty bad, which was unfortunate, but gave me an opportunity to follow up with him after the party on the, then popular, Myspace. We immediately hit it off and spent the next few months messaging back and forth every day.

I was in a confused state because my parents had a rule that I wasn’t allowed to date until I was 16. This made things really complicated between Kris and I. He knew I liked him and I knew he liked me but I kept turning him down because I wasn’t allowed to date. We were allowed to go on one supervised date but then due to the fact that we never got to see each other, we just decided to be friends and he started dating another girl.

When I finally got to Hume-Fogg, we were able to talk a lot more. I considered him one of my best friends. I would talk to him about anything and everything. He was still dating the same girl he had started dating after we broke things off. They broke up around December and I told him I still had feelings for him. I was ecstatic to find out that he still had feelings for me as well. In January, he was turning 16 and he invited me to his birthday party. It was in the basement area of his house that they use as kind of a bonus room. I was nervous during the whole party and wondering if he was going to ask me out or at the very least ask me to dance. Kris and his friends were into really heavy metal and hardcore music but his friends collaborated and found the only slow song they had in their repertoire, which, if my memory recalls was “Bleeding Love” by Leona Lewis.  Kris came over and asked me to dance.  I was really nervous and couldn’t look him in the eyes so I kept my head glued to his shoulder. Finally, I got the courage to look him in the eyes and he asked, “Will you be my girlfriend?” and I said, “Of course.” and he leaned in to kiss me. It was my first real kiss and it was spectacular. I had never felt so many emotions at once.

We were inseparable for the next few months, but unfortunately, this was high school and some petty drama ended up breaking us up pretty early on. We continued to stay friends though. We were each other’s never ending support. While we dated other people, we would always give each other advice and talk to each other when things were going both well and not so well. I was always kind of jealous when he would tell me about his girlfriends but I tried to stay supportive. The timing was never right and we were never single at the same time.

In 2011, he graduated and I thought I was never going to see him again. We barely talked his freshman year but every once in a while we would have a long phone conversation and catch up. In January of 2012, I was in a horrible relationship and had called Kris to talk to because I knew he could offer me perspective. We got to talking about how perfect our relationship was and how we let lies and gossip break us up when we could have had a really great relationship. Later that month, I finally got out of the horrible relationship I was in and Kris and I begun talking every night. When he was back in town for Spring Break, we went to a rave with some friends and that’s when I realized I was still head over heels for him. I texted him that night and asked him if he ever considered giving us another shot and he said he had. We didn’t make anything official then because I was still working through some things. In April, he came back for the weekend and we went to see a movie. We kissed and everything came rushing back. Again, we kept things casual because he was away at college and, to be honest, I was afraid.

Finally, when he came home from college in May we went out to eat and we made it official. We started spending all our time together after that and it was like we’d always been together. Kris told me he was really serious about me and he never wanted to lose me again. He hinted about proposing and I was really nervous and excited at the same time. I told him my only requirement was that he had to get my dad’s permission. He was really nervous about that. My dad is pretty intimidating but when he finally asked my dad, he was supportive.

Unfortunately, my manager kind of spilled the beans about my proposal a week before. I was working two jobs at the time and Kris had to ask both my managers for the day off so that he could do it. One of my managers left the note at the cash register. “Allison needs June 17th off.” While I did know the day, I didn’t know how or where so that was still exciting. Kris had chosen the 17th because we had begun dating the first time on January 17th, 2009 so he wanted to make it a significant date.

He picked me up and said we were going to dinner but he had to stop by the house and give me my name tag. I had left it in his car the night before and I had work the next day so I had to get it.  He told me I could come inside while he was getting it. He pulled me into the basement and kneeled down on the floor to get my name tag out of his bag. I started getting a suspicion it was about to happen but he just pulled out my name tag and handed it to me. I was thinking, “Oh okay, it’s not gonna happen right now.” But then he reached back in the bag and pulled out a box. He knelt in front of me and he said, “Three years ago, this is where the magic began, but who said it had to end there?” He paused, looked me right in the eyes, and said, “Allison, will you marry me?” I cried for about 2 minutes and was seriously speechless. I was worried he was going to panic and think I wasn’t going to say yes, so I kissed him. After kissing him for a minute or two, I realized I still hadn’t given him an answer, so I pulled back, looked him in the eyes and said, “Of course.” He slipped the ring on my finger. It was gorgeous. He picked it out by himself. It was a sapphire with silver and gold swirls up to the top and bottom. He paid very close attention to the things I said about what I would want my ring to be like, down to the intricacy on the side.

Afterwards, we went and celebrated with my family at my sister and her fiance (now husband’s) house. It was a blissful night. It has now been a year and five months. I went to the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and we moved in together with our friend Tara (yes the same one from the party at the beginning of the story) and have been enjoying our lives together. Right now, we are planning on getting married the summer after we finish undergraduate which will be 2015. I am excited about all the exciting adventures to come!


Their special dates

Allison Quintanilla & Kristopher Plattsmier were happily engaged on 06/17/2012 .

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