Am I Still Dreaming?

Carly Caver & Justin Nipper

The first question he asked after it was over was “Did you have any idea?” my reply, “Am I wearing waterproof mascara?!!”. He took me by complete surprise!

It started at the place where Justin and I had our first date. I was eating with my family when all the sudden my mom whipped out this letter and started reading which made me start crying! Then I got blind folded and taken to the spot where he asked me to become his girlfriend and also where he told me he loved me for the 1st time. His mom was waiting there with the 2nd letter. Then I got blind folded again and taken to our church where my pastor was waiting with the 3rd letter.

He wanted to remind me that it was about the merging of not just our families but also our church family! Also, if you were wondering what was written in those letter it was just a bunch of mushy lovey dovey stuff that I absolutely LOVED!! Finally, I got blind folded again and taken to my childhood home where he was waiting for me. I stepped out to the sound of a soft guitar and looked up to see my Prince Charming waiting for me. Here is the video!

Their special dates

Carly Caver & Justin Nipper were happily engaged on 08/12/2014 and celebrate their anniversary on 05/15/2015.

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