Amber and Dylan

Amber and Dylan

amber Zon & Dylan Rooke

Dylan and I have wanted to get married for a while now but we both wanted the parents blessing over the whole deal so I already knew next time Dylan saw my dad that I would know what would follow. I was a little bummed because that would take away from the mystery and surprise of a proposal, I love surprises, but nonetheless excited to be with Dylan in the end.

I flew out to Missouri to be a part of my best friend’s wedding. Dylan needed to stay in town for a church fundraiser. The thought had briefly crossed my mind that he could surprise me out there but then they announced that he was doing a live painting during the fundraiser, I knew he wouldn’t be showing up.
My mom had invited all the siblings and significant others over for a birthday dinner for me on Sunday while I was in town. She had been acting funny all day but I didn’t think too much of it.

My parents had come back from the grocery store and started on dinner. I had come in to see if there was anything I could help. My dad had rushed in with the trash gathered from around the house and tied it off real quick, like he was in a hurry, he then handed it to me and asked me to take it out. I remember thinking that this was odd because my dad always takes out the trash, but I didn’t see any reason why I couldn’t, so I said sure.

As soon as I shut the door, to go through the garage to head to the back yard, my parents started rushing my siblings and grandma from one end of the house to the back yelling “Go! Go! Go!“
…I didn’t hear this.

I opened the back door and turned to the left to head to the trash can and I hear a voice behind me say my name. I jumped. I spun around and Dylan is sitting on the little bench my parents have nestled in between some bushes and trees in our side yard. I told someone later that I was more shocked at the sight of Dylan in my parents back yard than I was of any stranger in an alley way in Pittsburgh. My only words were, “What are you doing here?” repeated several times in different tones as the realization that he was actually in front of me was settling in. He laughed and said a few things as he got up to walk over to me, he told me he flew into Kansas City that morning and rented a car and drove down. I was still not realizing he was there to propose. He started hugging me and said, in a really slow and shaky voice, “Amber I love you so much.” I immediately pushed him away from me and said, “Wait! Is this happening right now?!” Haha.
He backed away got down on one knee and proposed.
I quickly asked if he asked my parents. He reassured me he had and I said yes!

We were hugging again and he said “you know your family is watching us right?” haha I turned around and I saw a bunch of hands waving in the windows and my dad raised the window and asked if I said yes. My sister was videoing the whole thing, I’m kinda glad she did.

Dylan had talked with my dad a few weeks before and let him know there was a surprise for me that he was working on so my parents had a hint of what was to come. When he got into town he met my parents in a grocery store parking lot. They barely said hello and Dylan barked out “I want to marry your daughter!” haha My parents laughed and talked to him a bit and when my dad asked him if he loved me he choked up. Hearing this story was the only time I teared up during the whole proposal time. It was so sweet!
Dylan had imagined me walking over to him on the bench and being surprised and maybe crying. Instead it turned out with me in shock by a trash can with trash at my feet. hahaha whatever. It makes for a better story right?

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Their special dates

amber Zon & Dylan Rooke were happily engaged on 04/21/2013 and celebrate their anniversary on 10/05/2013.

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