An East Coast Engagement

Daniela Piraino & Kevin Makor

Half of Kevin’s family lives on the East Coast of Canada in Nova Scotia. Him and I would visit them at least once every year. Unfortunately, the few years prior had seen Kevin’s grandmother pass away. She was very dear to his heart and was someone I was always profoundly grateful of meeting year after year. Kevin’s grandparents lived in a small area called Cape Jack where houses that were kissed with salt water had paint peeling off of their wood panelling, and the smell of the ocean would always welcome you home. Everything about Cape Jack was as picturesque as though plucked straight from a Nicholas Sparks book. All of Kevin’s family members lived as neighbours along one strip of gravel road and would often host bonfires on the shore. As we do every year in an almost ritualistic fashion, we picked up a fair amount of freshly caught lobsters from the local fisherman in town to have ourselves a lobster boil. We take fresh seawater into a large pot and set the lobsters to boil. This year we had our boil at Kevin’s grandparent’s home near an escarpment that let down to the rocky ocean shore below. After our messy but tasty lobster feast, we took Kevin’s grandfather’s ATV down to the shore through a thicket of wild flowers and tall brush of grass. It was a beautifully clear day and we always loved to go down to the shore to look for shells and watch the sun glisten and dance on the cold Atlantic water. Once we were down at the shore, Kevin stood behind me as we faced opposite of the ocean in front of us. I kept trying to turn around to look at him and the ocean behind us but he kept on gently forcing me the other way. Sensing I was becoming increasingly frustrated with him, he let me go and allowed me to turn around. When I was facing the ocean I saw him there down on one knee; of course I knew what this meant and I was obviously thrilled. After a moment of embrace, we decided to head back up the bluff to the house but the ATV decided to die. Kevin being the handyman that he is spent almost an hour fiddling with it trying to get it to work. In the end we both, along with the ATV, made it back up to Kevin’s grandparent’s house. In the evening, Kevin invited all of his aunts, uncles and cousins to celebrate with us at a bonfire next to his mother’s home. It was one of the most heartwarming and best memories I will hold dear to me for life.

Their special dates

Daniela Piraino & Kevin Makor were happily engaged on 08/11/2015 and celebrate their anniversary on 09/15/2017.

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