An Epic Love Story — One For All Time

Kevin Usilton & Nyomi Usilton

Kevin recalls the day: “All good things are from God & I offer testimony to the love behind the proposal. You don’t need to take my word for it, the happiest day of my life was when Nyomi said “I do”. I could not have done this on my own… Simply put, my prayers were many. A baby girl was on the way, I was a full time student with 3 jobs, we struggled but our love was all we needed! Finding the ring… I went to Kay Jewelers & Jared. They were too expensive, way too expensive. I thought I was destined for peanuts & I wanted to give her champagne. Well, it took months & months but I proposed with a 1.28k Diamond ring, set in white gold that was made by a local jeweler after I bought in the single Diamond I searched so hard for. The was inspired by a Tiffany design, because when we started dating, I gave her a Tiffany necklace with an embossed engagement ring on it. I told her that we were destined to be together ❤️ Before I proposed, I wanted her to know that my heart was in it. I was nervous, had it appraised. I remember calling almost everyone in both of our families that day. The ring appraised for ALOT more than I paid for the diamond & the ring that tied it together. I called her StepFather and sent him pictures of the ring, asked his permission to marry Nyomi, and made plans to all head to Savannah, GA with his blessings. I made reservations at the Noble Fare, in the beautiful private dining area that is decorated in black & whites with bursts of deep reds. I meant every word of my proposal & I still do today. You are my true love Nyomi, I want our life to be forever, I knew the moment I met you that I found the love I had been searching for. ”

Nyomi recalls the day: “ Kevin and I made a weekend plan to visit family in Savannah,Georgia. The plan was to go baby shopping for our baby that is due July 8, 2014. We got the shopping almost complete on Friday April 4. April 5th we completed the shopping and we headed to an elegant 5 star restaurant in Savannah called “Noble Fare”.

With out me knowing of course, Kevin in my family planned the entire thing. My dad told me it was a restaurant that his friend recommended. We went through all the meal courses and it was amazing and elegant! I found out that we were actually sitting in the VIP section upstairs. When dessert came around the server placed a plate in from of me and said ” a gift from the chef”. It was a delicious lava chocolate cake with the Diamond ring next to it.

I was so surprised! Kevin got down on one knee and proposed to me at the table in front of my family! I said YES!!”

Their special dates

Kevin Usilton & Nyomi Usilton were happily engaged on 04/05/2014 and celebrate their anniversary on 11/14/2015.

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