An Unplanned Happily Ever After

Matthew Jones & Amber Jones

Our beautiful engagement story must begin with a background of Amber and her family’s love for all things Disney, including numerous trips, merchandise, and countless memories. Amber did two internships in DisneyWorld, the second taking place from May – August 2009 only half a year into her relationship with Matt. Fortunately, Matt was able to visit her for a week in July. After a magical week together, we both knew that we’d found our true love, and Disney became just as special to Matt as it was to Amber. The following summer Matt joined Amber and her family on a wonderful week-long trip to DisneyWorld for the first time, and soon there would be a magical trip that we’d hold dear to us forever.

We wanted to take a DisneyWorld vacation together in 2011, but for most of the winter Amber shrugged it off only to surprise Matt on Valentine’s Day with booked reservations at All-Star Music Resort for the first week in August. Matt had long made up his mind that Amber was the girl he wanted to marry, and a DisneyWorld proposal was the only acceptable way to request her hand in marriage. Matt made reservations for the California Grill, a fabulous 5-Star restaurant that overlooks Cinderella’s Castle on Thursday, four days into our trip. Matt planned on treating Amber to dinner, watching the fireworks from the restaurant’s outdoor patio, and proposing to her while walking along the beautiful beach at Disney’s Polynesian Resort not far from the restaurant. This particular location was special to us because when Matt visited Amber here that first summer we took the same walk, and Matt made a tongue-in-cheek comment that this would be an ideal place to propose. Reservations made, her father’s permission granted, engagement ring in hand. It was all ready and almost seemed too easy.

We arrived in Orlando very early Monday morning to summer-hot but beautiful skies and the hotel around 11am. Needless to say we were exhausted, and the air-conditioned room offered a great opportunity to catch some winks before unpacking and beginning our trip. Understandably Matt was filled with too much excitement and anticipation to nap, and suddenly he was overcome with a love and eagerness that was too much to bear. There was no way this could wait until Thursday. He was with the girl of his dreams in DisneyWorld, what more could he ask for? Who cared about plans or reservations? It was as if Mickey Mouse himself was asking, “Matt, what are you waiting for?” The plans quickly changed…

As Amber tried to sleep, Matt dug around his clothes for the ring, making far too much noise for Amber’s liking. Finally, Matt grabbed the ring, clumsily climbed OVER Amber to hide the ring from her, and held up the ring with her eyes still closed. Matt spoke for a few moments about how much he loved her and how grateful he was for her, all while Amber reluctantly played along. Amber finally opened her eyes, if for no other reason than maybe Matt would stop talking. Much to Matt’s surprise Amber’s first, straight-faced reaction to the ring before Matt spoke was “What is that?” Matt explained it was actually an engagement ring and asked if she’d marry him. Amber euphorically and anxiously said “yes!”, and overcome with joy and euphoria Matt held out the ring for a minute before actually putting it on her finger. It fit perfectly, and we were now ready to start vacation and celebrate an engagement together! Even in all our happiness, Matt somewhat regretted not waiting and what sounded anticlimactic as “proposing in the hotel room”. However, we visited Animal Kingdom the next morning and received Disney’s “Just Engaged” buttons, and hearing a week’s worth of “congratulations!” from cast members and other guests at every park, every time we ate or stood in line was the most beautiful part of the trip. On June 22, 2013 we had a magical Disney-themed wedding, and it all started with an unplanned dream that still came true!

Their special dates

Matthew Jones & Amber Jones were happily engaged on 08/01/2011 and celebrate their anniversary on 06/22/2013.

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