Anywhere But Pittsburgh

Anywhere But Pittsburgh

Laura (Jerpi) Woods & Derek Woods

When we got engaged in September 2012, Derek had been holding onto the ring for awhile so he could propose on a planned trip to Chicago. He thought about proposing earlier, but after randomly hearing my thoughts on a number of other people’s Pittsburgh proposals, he decided doing so would be a risky move.

We flew into Chicago really early on a Saturday morning. Derek had booked a suite at a mystery hotel, that he wouldn’t give me any details about, so upon arrival I was gleefully surprised to find out it was the Waldorf Astoria Chicago! After dropping our luggage off we went off to explore the city, as it was nowhere near check-in time. Exploring Chicago a bit was great, but when it was finally check-in time, we headed back to the hotel to get settled in. That’s when everything started to go wrong.

Apparently Derek had planned to propose as soon as we got into our room, and had even ordered champagne to celebrate with. The problem was our room was ready half an hour late, which typically wouldn’t have been a big deal, but we had booked a spa appointment across town, so had to scurry to make it. Also, the hotel forgot the champagne and brought it up after we already in the room, so I knew something was up.

Derek then decided to propose before dinner, but as luck would have it, our spa appointments ran late and we had to rush back to the hotel to get ready for dinner at the fancy steakhouse he had booked to celebrate post-engagement. So we went to the restaurant, had an amazing dinner, then finally, around 11pm, we got back to our hotel room and he proposed in front of the pretty little fireplace.

Their special dates

Laura (Jerpi) Woods & Derek Woods were happily engaged on 09/01/2012 and celebrate their anniversary on 01/05/2012.

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