Australian Dream Come True

Melanie Shank & Lilydale Veamatahau

I went to visit Dale and meet his family in Australia for the first time in July of last year — a trip made possible by his family. Dale and I had fallen in love quickly and had talked about marriage despite being in different countries for three months of our relationship. I wondered if he would propose in Australia during my two week trip but I didn’t know for sure. Toward the end of the trip, there was a day when Dale had to work and his younger sister, Fatai had a concert that me, Dale’s parents, and his older sister Jane were going to go to. We jumped in the car and made our way to the area surrounding the Federation Square in Melbourne, where the concert was supposed to be. When we got out of the car, we walked through a building and made our way into Federation Square where the first thing I saw was a jumbo screen flipping through a slideshow of pictures of me and Dale. It was funny because at the time I didn’t think anything of it! I just wrote it off as being part of Fatai’s show. But when I realized that there was a male voice singing that sounded extremely familiar, I realized it was Dale, singing the words to the first song he and I had ever sung together (Lucky by Colbie Caillat and Jason Mraz). His sister was next to him playing guitar and behind them was another jumbo screen with pictures. Tears came to my eyes as he waved me toward him with a single red rose in his hand. The walk felt like miles, but when I got there he told me of his love for me and got down on one knee. I couldn’t have imagined anything more perfect and am so thankful that his family could be there when I got to say yes to the man of my dreams.

Their special dates

Melanie Shank & Lilydale Veamatahau were happily engaged on 07/30/2015 and celebrate their anniversary on 12/29/2016.

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