Becoming Mrs. Hamberger

Rhonda Gibson & Alex Hamberger

Sometime around 5 p.m. Alex got down on one knee. To rewind, I “knew” it was coming when he asked me to wait a moment, when those last moments of waiting felt like an eternity, when he opened the door slowly grinning ear to ear, as our song poured out into the hallway, seeing at first pink roses, the framboise, and  hearing myself laugh uncontrollably. This is happening, I thought.

Then kind of like magic, as there could be no other way to describe it: me trying to take everything in, wondering why I wasn’t crying, wondering why I thought I should be crying, realizing that I had to read a note, telling my brain to focus on the letters, turning to Alex knowing I could barely make out the words and watching him get down on one knee.

I can feel my tears as I piece together the moments that followed, the look on Alex’s face, the way he kind of glowed, how his hair stood at ease creating a weird halo, his gray slacks, plaid shirt and his sexy blue blazer. Then “will you marry me?” The perfect set of words perfectly placed at the right moment.

Mrs. Hamberger
I said yes”

I looked into his eyes, truly they have never been more beautiful. Even now as I write, I know I will see those eyes through a torrid of life changes and triumphs and I’m ready! And my ring oh what perfection! A lasting memory, worn by Alex’s grandmother, given by love, worn with love, it’s overwhelming!

What a moment! As I look at the remnants of several hours ago,  I can’t help but think and eagerly expect the  moments that will be ours to share.

Oh, what a love I have found
Warm as a mid-summer sun shining down
Love long awaited, has finally come around
Oh, what a love I have found

Their special dates

Rhonda Gibson & Alex Hamberger were happily engaged on 03/11/2014 .

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