Bonfire Blessing

Paige Seelhorst & Michael Seelhorst


In the fall of 2010, Michael was having a backyard bonfire at his house in Brentwood.  He invited all of his friends, including one of Paige’s best friends from high school.  Having already made plans with Paige for the night, her friend decided to bring Paige along for the bonfire.  Michael was a nice guy, and she knew he wouldn’t mind an extra guest.

After  getting the bonfire going, Michael brought down chairs for the girls while the rest of his invited guests arrived.  He spent time getting to know Paige, and the two laughed about substitute teaching stories they had shared with the group.  It was obvious to everyone at the fire that there was a connection between the two, so it’s no surprise that everyone was supportive when Michael and Paige began dating.

After months of adventures around town, nights in the backyard by the fire, and hours spent on the phone, Michael and Paige began to realize they were experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime love.  Michael decided to pick out a ring, keeping his plan a secret from everyone.  He met with Paige’s father, and was ecstatic to learn that he had permission to ask for Paige’s hand in marriage!

After picking a date and time for the proposal, it became apparent that Paige’s mother was becoming very ill.  Knowing how important it was for Paige to share her upcoming engagement with her mother, Michael dropped all of his planning and preparation.  He decided that he needed to propose immediately.

On October 22, 2011, Paige was spending the day preparing for her graduate degree midterms.  Michael called her and begged for her to take a break and veg out in front of a bonfire with him for the night.  It had always been a beloved activity for the couple.  Even though she was exhausted, Paige agreed to stop by.

Michael was anxious at first, noting that he tried and tried again to start the private fire in his backyard.  He could tell that Paige was becoming impatient, as she continued to talk about all of the studying she had to complete before the next day.  After finally convincing her to stay, Michael sat down next to Paige to talk about all that they had been through together.  Eventually, he stood up, moved his chair back, and dropped on one knee.  Paige could tell that he was nervous, because the ring box that he was holding was shaking in his hands.  As he asked Paige to marry him, the fire burned bright and warm in the background.  It was the beginning of the rest of their lives together, and they couldn’t wait to spread the news of their engagement with their friends and family.

On a hot summer day in July this year, the two wed in a country church.  They spent the remainder of the day celebrating with their loved ones in a double-decker barn in the rural town of Saxonburg.  At 9:00pm, the two shared in a sky lantern lighting in memory of Paige’s mother, Susan, and Michael’s father, “Seel,” with all of their guests.  As the sky lit up with warmth and love, so did their faces as husband and wife.

Their special dates

Paige Seelhorst & Michael Seelhorst were happily engaged on 10/22/2011 and celebrate their anniversary on 07/06/2013.

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