Boston Engagement

Shelby Keys & Adam Burns

Saturday we woke up and got dressed to go get our nails done– the first surprise put together by my lovely boyfriend. He had arranged for us to get our nails done months prior as part of (what I thought) was his anniversary gift to me.

Post nails, however, my friend hands me a card, and starting to feel like I am on a scavenger hunt, I eagerly open it. It reads: “Sweetie, it’s time to say goodbye to Sarah, her time with you is over, but your day is far from it. Someone at Spa Christine is waiting for you to get started with your next surprise.”

I walked next door to the spa, where I spent the afternoon getting my nails and makeup done. While at the spa, I simply assumed that we would be going to dinner afterwards. Post treatments I was brought outside where a limo was awaiting with my boyfriend inside. Unbeknownst to me, he had arranged a private wine tasting at a family owned vineyard, reminiscent of our 1 month anniversary. We grew up in upstate NY surrounded by vineyards and wineries. It was at this point things started to become a little clearer to me as to why I was dressed up and had gotten all dolled up. What a nice anniversary gift I thought!

We then got back into the limo after our tasting, as I wondered where we could be off to next. We drove back into the city, and then we began down Newbury street, pulling off to the side in front of a jewelry store. Rose petals lined the steps down into the store, that had been shut down just for us. As I entered the store, a box reading “Marry me?” sat tall on top of the first jewelry display. My boyfriend led me over to the case, where he had picked out 7 different rings for me to choose from! My friend of course was there (as I was wondering where she was all day!), taking pictures to capture this perfect moment. I of course said yes. After drying my tears, he put the ring on my finger, and it was at that point that I realized the jewelry store had been decorated with canvas portraits of us. Even better? Afterwards, we took the limo to the privately chartered yacht he had waiting with my family aboard to celebrate.

Their special dates

Shelby Keys & Adam Burns were happily engaged on 09/13/2014 .

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