Central Park Engagement

Cassie Rosenblatt & Stephen Solliday

Stephen and I started dating back in July of 2009, when both of us were working at the same restaurant while earning our undergraduate degrees at the University of Central Florida. We fell for each other quickly, and he has become my absolute best friend. Something that really drew us together was our love of sports, and we have attended lots of sporting events together, especially football games.

In May 2014, we flew to NY, where I grew up and a lot of my family still lives. We were there primarily to attend the NFL Draft with a large group of our friends, but it also happened to be the week of my birthday, and the weekend of Mother’s Day. Our mothers flew up to NY, too, so that we could all spend time together for the holiday (or so I thought!). Stephen and I spent the first few nights in a cramped apartment in Hell’s Kitchen with 10 other sweaty guys; it was far from romantic. We attended the first night of the draft, and Stephen arranged a spa day the following morning for myself, my mother, his mother, my sister, and my sister-in-law. I was under the impression it was a late birthday gift for me and a mother’s day treat for the others, and I was very excited.

I arrived at the spa and spent the morning and early afternoon getting my hair, nails, and makeup done. While at the spa, Stephen’s mother informed me that we would be going to dinner afterwards, and that I would have to ask Stephen to bring me a change of clothes as I wasn’t dressed appropriately. I texted Stephen and asked him to do so. My sister-in-law and my mother called my brother, who was meeting us for dinner, and asked him to bring them clothes, as well. His mom then told me she wanted to stop in Central Park’s Conservatory Gardens to take pictures of the flowers in bloom this time of year; this was not unusual for her, as she is very interested in photography and enjoys taking pictures of nature, so I thought nothing of it.

Upon arriving at the Conservatory Gardens, I spotted Stephen and my brother, and I went to the restroom with my mother and sister-in-law to change. We came out, and all walked into the park together. Stephen slowly lead me away from my family, and talked to me about how much he loved me and how much fun we’ve had together over the years. We walked over to a beautiful area with a pond and benches under a huge tree, and Stephen told me he wanted to continue making memories with me. He then dropped to one knee and asked me to marry him. I was so shocked and elated that I burst into tears! Sobbing from pure happiness, I said yes! After drying my tears, he put the ring on my finger, and I turned around. It was at that point that I realized my entire family had been watching and had known about the plan all along. Even better? He had hired a photographer to secretly take photos from the moment we entered the park! Afterwards, we all went to an incredible, authentic Italian restaurant to celebrate. It was the most perfect proposal, and I cannot wait to marry my best friend!

Their special dates

Cassie Rosenblatt & Stephen Solliday were happily engaged on 05/09/2014 and celebrate their anniversary on 06/07/2015.

  • Cassie Post author

    I should also add that his mother booked us a night at the Waldorf Astoria for that evening so that we could have some time alone, and she surprised me with an appointment to try on dresses at Kleinfeld the next afternoon! It was such an unbelievable weekend!


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