Engagement on a Mountain

Kayci Trimpey & Neil Tipton

Neil asked me to marry him on top of Stone Mountain in Atlanta, Georgia. I believe that our engagement story is the best one to be told. It began when we got in the car to drive to Stone Mountain. As I went to sit down in the car,  I noticed a rose in the seat. Not thinking much of it I thanked him and we proceeded to the park. As we approached Stone Mountain Park to get a parking pass, the lady at the booth handed me another rose. (Now I was getting suspicious) We pulled in and then ventured the 30 minute hike up the mountain. Along the way up, random people that were coming down the mountain would come up to me and hand me a rose or Neil would lead me over to a spot that a rose was placed to find. As each rose was given, each random person had something sweet to say. It was so fun knowing these random people were having just as much fun as I was. We got to the top and I now have received 16 roses. He led me over to a rock on Stone Mountain overlooking all of Atlanta. There on the rock he had placed a wooden sign that he had made that read, “Kayci will you marry me?” (which was super sweet) While I was admiring his crafty wood work he got down on one knee and proceeded to ask me the same question that was carved into the wooden sign. After I said yes, a big crowd began to cheer for us and more roses fluttered in from people. At the end I had received a total of 24 roses with the last one being received from Neil with the wooden sign and a beautiful diamond ring. Every step up the mountain was so much fun!

Their special dates

Kayci Trimpey & Neil Tipton were happily engaged on 11/29/2014 and celebrate their anniversary on 04/04/2015.

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