Firework Forever

Shelby Smith & Dane LeCoq

Last summer we seriously began the search for rings. I wanted to decide on one together so that whenever he proposed to me, which I did not know when that would be, he was ready and had one less stress on himself. Dane has heard my famous, “Guys have ONE TIME to control every aspect in the relationship– the proposal– so they might as well kill it!” Guess what…. HE LISTENED! :)

Christmas Eve. I had NO CLUE how my life would change on that very day.

I was filling last minute cake orders, relaxing, and getting ready to go to Mass with his family that night. Church was nice, as we sat all together in the midst of all the beautiful Christmas decorations. After Mass we planned on cooking a nice family meal ( steaks, sweet potatoes, dessert) and opening gifts. While the steaks cooked on the grill, we tore open the first round of presents. After gifts we ate supper. I noticed Dane was very adamant about going to “look for big bucks on the levee his friend claimed to spot the night before.” At 9:30, in the beginning of all of the fun, he wanted to leave. I did not understand! After the second round of presents and his insisting (Now 10:50) I agreed to go look at the deer. GEEZ. hehe. Our ride across the levee started with an extremely staticky auxiliary cord song, which led to me getting a little annoyed(because of that and the fact that we left a mess at his house), which made Dane stop the truck (so I thought), followed by a slow dance on top of the levee to our favorite song ever, “Love like Crazy.” Dane and I slow dance at random places and in random times so it never dawned on me. I actually thought, “Man, this would be an awesome proposal. Too bad Dane has no clue!” At one point in the song, he came to a stop, started to choke up words deeper than anything I have ever heard him say before. Its almost like I was in a daze. I cannot remember what I was thinking!! As he started to reach in his pocket, I said to myself “Oh my goodness, maybe it is just a necklace.” Nope, as it turns out, It wasn’t a necklace. It was his token of forever. I felt numb. I was overwhelmed that this moment I had only envisioned was taking place. After I got out of shock and said YES our amazing friends (who had been at the bottom of the levee since 9:30) popped a grand firework show for us. It was truly magical and guess what… IT WAS VIDEOED! I am so glad that Dane thought of that. I cannot wait to show our children one day.


Their special dates

Shelby Smith & Dane LeCoq were happily engaged on 12/24/2014 and celebrate their anniversary on 02/05/2016.

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