Fireworks Ablaze

Ryan Greene & Dennis Balyeat

We had woken up really early on July 4th to get a head start on a road trip to Wildwood, NJ for the weekend. Usually whenever we went to the beach we went to either Maryland or Delaware beaches, so we were both excited to explore and get to know this little beach town that we had both heard so many great things about.

Our car trip was full of the usual Britney Spears sing alongs and mandatory stops at Wawa for breaks. Looking back, I had no idea what he had in store for this day. After we had gotten settled in our weekend getaway with a few great friends, the on and off rain showers kept us mostly inside with a few trips out to get the ingredients to make an amazing Sangria!

That night, we decided to go to a small concert where a trio of women performed old 20’s songs, I think. On the way there, we had all piled in Carly’s Rav4 and someone had mentioned that fact that the fireworks for that night had been cancelled. Dennis quickly erupted from the trunk of the car, “THERE’S NOT GOING TO BE FIREWORKS?” I couldn’t understand why he was so frustrated that there wouldn’t be fireworks, they were just going to shoot them off the next night.

Shortly after arriving to the concert, Dennis suggested that we take a walk on the beach as the sun set. Being the romantic type that he is, this didn’t surprise me at all and I went along hoping to possibly get a good photo for my Instagram #sorrynotsorry #beachselfie!

Walking down the sand towards the water I could tell something was weird. I could feel the tension and he kept directing me, literally pulling me, to a specific spot in the sand. He told me to put my shoes down, and fumbled through his phone. The song “Marry Me,” by Zachary Kale began playing out of his iPhone and the rest was history.

He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was so surprised that a few profanities may have even slipped out, but it was absolutely perfect. Surrounded by great friends on a monumental holiday, one of the great parts of living in this country; the freedom to love whomever you want.

There may not have been fireworks in the sky, but there were plenty in my heart.

Their special dates

Ryan Greene & Dennis Balyeat were happily engaged on 07/04/2014 .

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