How The Band Lucius Helped Me Propose

Andrew J. Coate & Jilliann Paluch

First of all, the story and proposal are captured here:

On October 26th, 2013,  I proposed to my beautiful girlfriend Jill. Since she said yes (oh right – she said yes), it’s been a whirlwind of activity as we begin planning our future together. Some married friends prepped me for the onslaught of questions that come immediately upon sharing the news, so I felt a pretty prepared – save for a few. In case you’re wondering – no, I don’t know what we’re going to do about a wedding ring yet. I figure I’ll enjoy the thrill of having done well on this ring for at least a day or two…

Jill's Engagement Ring

With the help of some friends, I created this video to tell this story:

The Story of How the Band Lucius Helped Me Propose to Jilliann Marie

I first encountered the band Lucius through a good friend of mine named Nick Stankus. While in Chicago this past December, Nick and I spent some time driving around listening to music and catching up. He had been in LA playing music while I had moved to Colorado since we last hung out. While in LA, Nick came across Lucius. After a glowing recommendation, he put their Self-Titled EP on. From the opening guitar strumming on “Don’t Just Sit There” I was hooked. We listened to the 4 songs on the EP on repeat and got lost in conversation. At this point the topic had shifted to relationships and I began telling him about this girl Jill that I had been hanging with and deeply admired. Lucius made an excellent soundtrack for our evening. It was a special drive.

Not a month later, I found myself back in Colorado driving around Denver with that same girl I deeply admired, listening to tunes. She grabbed her phone, pulled up Spotify and asked “have you ever heard of Lucius?”. I was in awe. I couldn’t believe how cool this girl was already and her knowing about Lucius, who at that point wasn’t as prominent as they are now, stepped it up a notch. It was a special drive.

My text to Nick.

Ok, I waited a little longer to propose…

Fast forward to August 2013, and I had decided to ask Jill to marry me. It made so much sense to reach out to Lucius

 and ask for their help. I had an idea where they’d record a short video, talking to Jill. I’d show it to her on my phone, and then propose right after. I reached out to the band, told them this story and asked for their help. They so graciously agreed and emailed me the video a few days later, exactly as I hoped they would.

Then, on October 26th I took Jill to The Med in Boulder, one of our favorite restaurants. My friend Gabriel Ratliff

 hid at a nearby table with his wife Tiffany to film the proposal. That’s what you see at the end of the video. Everything went off as planned, though there were a few close calls (Jill sort of recognized Gabe but said nothing and my friend Brian Hickey texted me “Status?” seconds after I took the phone back from Jill).

So many thanks go to Lucius for helping me pull off such a special day. Please folks, check out their music at Buy their album in support of their kindness.

Their special dates

Andrew J. Coate & Jilliann Paluch were happily engaged on 10/26/2013 .

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