Late Home From Work — Candles Almost Burnt Down

Ryne McCord & Natalie Thorpe

Everyone kept asking if I was nervous when I popped to the question to Natalie; I knew I was asking her, I knew she’d say yes.

I wasn’t nervous one bit.  I took her mother and father out the night previous to ask their permission, now that’s where I was nervous.  Anyone who knows her parents knows they are a little hard to read sometimes, and there I was with her parents; alone, in a restaurant.

I had hired our roommate to do our secret photos (I knew that was something special for Nat, she had mentioned before that she wanted it) and told my boss I had to leave about a half hour earlier that Friday for set up.  Mike (the roommate) met me back at the house around 4, I got a quick shower (I work outside, mostly) and we got to setting up.  Mike was great throughout this entire process, I’d be doing him a disservice if I didn’t thank him in this post!  We set up the candles in the photo seen attached, and picked out the best vantage point for him to take the pictures of Nat as she walked through the set up of our home.  I put the ring box on our two year old lab, Parker, by tying a quick knot on his collar.  Parker also played a vital part in our engagement; he greets Natalie every night when she gets home from work. I had lit the candles, set the iPod to “To Make You Feel My Love” by Garth Brooks, and began the waiting game.  At this point, it was about 4:45 pm.

I was waiting on a call/text from Natalie (normally she gets out on a Friday at 4:45–5 pm) but nothing yet.  Turns out, the client that Natalie was working on, had a last minute question at 4:55 and it kept her an extra 30 minutes.  Of course, the night I’m proposing to her, she gets stuck at a client!  No way was I going to blow out the candles, and light them again, I had already burnt my thumbnail near off.

Finally, Nat calls me around 5:35 — 14 minutes out according to her GPS.  I had told her we had reservations for dinner via a text earlier in the evening, and she was calling to ask if she could meet me at the establishment.  “NO!!!! I need you to come home and get me babe!”  The waiting was killing me.  I had the lights dimmed, so I could see her headlights through the window.  At this point, I had to switch out about 12 candles, as they were almost all the way burnt down.

I finally saw her headlights, I pressed play on the iPod to start Garth Brooks’ voice (he’s one of Nat’s favorites, and I love that song) then Mike and I got into position, me on a knee by the ‘Y’ of ‘MARRY ME?’ and Mike hidden by our fridge.  Parker did his job, greeting Nat at the door, and she instantly saw the box on his collar.  When she turned the corner, instant tears.  That’s how I knew I did good.  Her hands were flailing, her voice shaking, and of course, she said ‘Yes!!’ while Mike snapped pictures of the entire thing.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing I wanted to marry Natalie after our first date.  I knew right away.  It truly was one of those, “it clicked, it worked, I knew” kind of deals.  I didn’t really believe in knowing when you know, but I do now.  Natalie will tell you the same thing.  We are truly blessed in that regard.

Their special dates

Ryne McCord & Natalie Thorpe were happily engaged on 01/31/2014 and celebrate their anniversary on 07/03/2015.

  • O~

    Isn’t that always the way it is… last minute clients, customers, phone calls when there is something pressing to be done — especially when it is something you really really want to do or someone you really really want to see. I love this story. I loved the photos. I love you both! And Parker too!


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