My Fairy Tale

Amanda Williams & Ben Holmes

The start of my fairy tale day started when my now Fiance got off work from his night shift as a Police Officer and arrived at my house at 6am on a Friday morning.  I was woken up by my dog jumping into bed with me, and finding a letter tied around her neck.  The letter said to join my boyfriend in the kitchen for breakfast that he had cooked, and that he would be leaving so I could start my day of pampering and relaxation.  He knew I had recently been stressed at work, so had arranged with my boss for me to have the day off!  The letter stated that my Mom had taken the day off as well, so we were to arrive at the given address promptly at 10:30am.  The address took my Mom and I to a Spa where we were pampered with Mimosas, chocolate-covered strawberries that my boyfriend had dropped off earlier, and a 90-minute relaxing massage together.  It was wonderful!

After that wonderful treat, my Mom unexpectedly handed me another letter, Letter #2! It instructed my Mom and I to arrive at the next location, which happened to be my favorite local restaurant.  He included a gift card and told us to enjoy some lunch and a couple of drinks on him.  After lunch, thinking it couldn’t get any better than this, my Mom handed me Letter #3 which took us to one of my favorite nail salons and included a gift certificate that we both used for a mani/pedi.  This was a full day of relaxation and I felt truly blessed that my boyfriend had surprised me with such a wonderful day since work had been so busy lately.  And during this entire day of my pampering, I thought he was sleeping, like he normally would do coming home from his overnight 12 hr shift, but he wasn’t.  He was going on no sleep at all and planning the most beautiful night I’ve ever had.

My Mom and I arrived back home after the nail salon, and I fully expected that this was the end of my special day because my boyfriend had to go back on to his night shift at 6pm, just like every Friday night.  Then I was handed Letter #4, instructing me to be ready at 6:45pm and that he hoped the outfit fit.  Confusingly, I looked at my Mom who was coming out from the back bedroom with a complete new outfit that he had bought for me!  He had bought a new pair of jeans that I had had my eyes on for a while, a new shirt, belt, necklace, and earrings.  He went so far as to providing a new pair of gloves and a beanie, so I knew something was going on, and something was going to be outdoors.

 He promptly knocked on the door at 6:45pm and as I went to answer, my Mom said to immediately stop.  She had strict instructions to blindfold me before I could see him!  So I was put in a blindfold, then I heard his voice saying “Hey baby, did you have a good day?”.  All I wanted to do was thank him for my day and give him a kiss, but I couldn’t even see him.  So I responded “Of course!” and he responded with saying “Good, because it’s going to get even better!”.  He then handed me a single flower, (which I couldn’t see!) and walked me to his truck.  After about 15 minutes of driving, we pulled in somewhere and he rolled down the windows.  I could smell the smoke from a bonfire and the running of water, still so confused with where we were!  He got me out of the truck and walked me several steps, stopped, and took my blindfold off.  It was breathtaking!  I was in a pasture, standing in front of an archway of lights, and lights strung throughout the tree in front of me.  The lighted archway led to a dock that had a fire pit at the end of it, a rocking chair, and a basket of something that I couldn’t quite tell what was in it yet.

After soaking in the beauty, I immediately looked at how handsome he was, as he instructed me to walk to the end of the dock, have a seat, and to reach into the basket and start reading.  The basket held 14 individual roses, each of which had a letter attached to it.  As I started reading the first letter, it was dated at the top from September 2003.  I was immediately confused as we have only dated for a little over a year, and this letter was from 10 years ago!  I kept reading…. the letters covered a timespan from when he was in high school, then stationed in Korea and Iraq as a Marine in the Military, and up until as current as last month.  The letters had 1 thing in common… they were all directed to me, praying for me, and for the day he would finally meet me.  Then his letter in June 2013 started out as follows, “I’m excited to say that I have finally met you, God has answered my prayers in giving me you and I can’t wait for the day I’m able to give you these letters Amanda Williams!”.   As I read the last letter, he walked out to meet me at the end of the dock.  He read me his final letter, prayed for God to be the focus of our lifelong commitment, then got down on his knee to propose as I immediately said “YES!” through my tears!

As I re-live this moment in sharing my story, it will be a time in my life I will never forget and will cherish forever.  The thought of entering into a lifelong commitment with the man who has been praying for me for over 10 years and how he read to me that this is the moment that his life has been building up to, the thought is unexplainable.  I have no words to express the pure joy I have when thinking about spending the rest of my life with Ben and to be the future Mrs.Holmes!

Their special dates

Amanda Williams & Ben Holmes were happily engaged on 11/15/2013 .

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