My never ending sunset

Naginah Khokhar & Petrit Gogolli

My name is Naginah, and my incredible fiancé is Petrit. He is my never ending sunset, and I hope a glimpse of our story brings a smile to your day! (Instagram username: @naginah_gigi) 

                        How we met

    I was just 16 years old the first time I seen him walking towards me. We had so many mutual friends, yet I had never actually met him until that cold winter day I decided to cut class. It was simple, actually. We spent the afternoon talking about things I can’t even remember, but what I do remember was the way I felt, how close I felt to him. The day flew by and before I knew it, I was home thinking of him. For some, it might have been a typical day of a teenager cutting class, but my entire life changed that day. 

    We spent every single day together, after that day. I had discovered what people meant when they said they loved their best friend. I still remember the first time he kissed me. We were at a local hang out spot one night, and our fingers wouldn’t stop intertwining together. We both must have been doing it out of nervousness, in hopes that the other would build up the courage to “make the move”. I couldn’t wait much longer, so I came up with something to say to make him jokingly tell me to “shut up”. To this day I can’t remember what it was I said, but all I remember was how excited I was to say “make me” in reply to his “shut up”, in hopes that he’d finally kiss me. Absurd and childish? Yes, but what isn’t when you’re 16 and in love? And after all, it worked!  A group of people at the table across from us clapped, they literally clapped because they too saw how much our eyes glared at one another.

     I knew from that day, he would be the man I kiss on my wedding day, the man to kiss my future children good night, the man to kiss my bad days away, the man to kiss my morning breath lips on a lazy Sunday morning. I knew he was the man I was going to marry, despite the racial and cultural hurdles I knew we would have to overcome with our families cultural differences. Despite me only being half Pakistani, my household was traditional Pakistani, and his is traditional Albanian. That was over 6 and a half amazing years ago, and we’ve been inseparable ever since. It is true, love always wins, you just have to be willing to fight for what you love.

                         The proposal

     It was never a question IF, it was when. Since I was 16, I knew he would be the one I’d marry. Anytime Petrit & I have traveled, we’ve always taken professional photos with the hotel we’re staying at. Its never a question, we’ve always just done it. One day while we were out shopping not too long before we left on our trip to Thailand, he told me that this time around, he booked an outside Photographer. My antennas soared higher than a boeing 777! Why would he go through the hassle of finding an outsider-Thai photographer, for something we do so often with a hotel provider? 

     Normally, I’m in beach attire for these photos, and a few moments after my suspicion grew, he then asked me if this time I could wear a nice white beachy dress so that they look, well, more appropriate. Most people would allow this to go in one ear and out the other, but not me, I was an FBI agent in a previous life. I was certain at this point. Perhaps realizing that he gave me suspicion, the topic of our future began to stir more frequently. And even the days following, he’d constantly say “oh but we have a long way until then”. This would bring me back to reality, and suddenly all the suspicion had gone. 

     We had just spent the most incredible time together exploring Bangkok, and had already been on so many adventures. Every time we travel it gets better and better, but how could it get any better than this? It was our second day after arriving in Nai Yang Beach, Thailand that the time to take our pictures came. We took some pictures on the grass of our hotel grounds and then we went across from our hotel in a “national park” full of beautiful trees along side the stunning beach of Nai Yang. During the pictures, It started raining and the skies went dark, and bullets of sweat and rain dropped down his face. He was so upset it was raining, and I didn’t know why. “What’s the big deal, we’ll have cool pictures in the rain this year”, didn’t seem to calm his nerves of the rain.

     Since the rain made it dark and we were under canopies of trees, the photographer told us to walk onto the beach, and I swear to you it was as if God was watching down on us and blessing us. I am not exaggerating when I say that In a matter of seconds, the rain completely stopped and the skies completely cleared displaying a hue of colors and the sun began to set. Watching the most beautiful sunset I had ever seen in my life, my heart swelled.. and I knew. I turned around, and there he was on one knee with that same beautiful smile I had fell in love with when I was 16. My best friend now truly became my future husband, my never ending sunset. 

March 25, 2018 will be the day that we join together as one!

Their special dates

Naginah Khokhar & Petrit Gogolli were happily engaged on 07/26/2015 and celebrate their anniversary on 03/25/2018.

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