Thao Calland & David Stovesand


I’ve had the ring for a week. The only thing missing now was the perfect moment…..

Right when she said, “I’m gonna go for a run”, I knew that was my chance. I wanted to catch her off-guard and slightly angry. There is nothing better than the look on Thao’s face when she is trying to process multiple emotions at once. After the run, she would be tired, sweaty, and never in a million years expecting a proposal right as she walked back in the door. When she left I quickly changed into some nice clothes. Not only will this provide a nice contradiction to state she will be in after a run, and completely throw her off; but also I couldn’t, in good conscience, propose without putting some kind of effort into my appearance. This took less time than I anticipated, so unfortunately I was left standing around and waiting for her to return.

Forty-five minutes went by of nothing but anxiety and nerves to keep me company. Finally, there was a rustling at the door. An angry Thao, no doubt, was standing on the other side. I locked the door so I was sure to be the first thing she saw when she walked in. The look on her face was priceless confusion. There was also some yelling about my appearance, but I ignored it. As she stormed straight into the kitchen, I knelt down a few feet behind her. She turned around and I said something about love and then asked her to marry me. After a couple hysterical questions about, “what’s going on?!”,“did you ask my Daddy?!”,“why do you look so good?!”.…. Thao finally said, “Yes!” , after I brought up the fact that she had forgotten to give an answer. When it was all over with and the breathing began again, she promptly sat on the floor to keep from falling over. —-The End.


Just to clarify, I never asked “why do you look so good?!”.

Their special dates

Thao Calland & David Stovesand were happily engaged on 08/31/2015 and celebrate their anniversary on 02/27/2016.

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