Nontraditional Tuesday Night

Nicolette Telech & Matthew Dzadovsky

Our engagement story wasn’t typical. Matt and I had been dating for about a year and a half and decided to move in together. We lived together for two years while I was in graduate school for creative writing. I was always busy, always stressed, and waitressing most seconds that I wasn’t writing my thesis. Matt was working a typical 9–5 and put up with our opposite schedules. We were incurably in love, so we made time together: cooking dinner at 11 pm, finding a quick hike on a Saturday, him drinking milkshakes at the diner where I worked. We adopted two leukemic cats. Uh oh, cats; it’s getting serious.

Engagement talk happened one night during our second year living in that first apartment. After a few too many dunkels at an old church turned brewery, Matt said: “We should get married.” I became giggly, shy, acted like he was a stranger for a few moments and adored the idea. The next day, dunkelless, he said it again, so we went shopping. I picked out a ring then meandered around the mall, grinning, while he talked to the jeweler. He wanted me to like it. We never were very traditional, and though we both disliked malls, we were giddy.

He waited about three weeks to officially ask me. It was a Tuesday night around 11 pm. I had just walked in from the gym after a night class. I heard music from the back bedroom. He had some Ol’ Blue Eyes playing, and he asked me to marry him. I said yes.

Their special dates

Nicolette Telech & Matthew Dzadovsky were happily engaged on 04/05/2011 and celebrate their anniversary on 09/01/2012.

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