Our arrangement story!

Danielle Malec & Rui Vasconcelos

Do you still believe in arranged marriages? How about getting engaged at a funeral? Long story short… Rui and I were in St. Lucia on a trip I won at a bridal show, we were calling it our pre-honeymoon. My sister was getting married so I had gone with her to the bridal show and we both won prizes.  We were in St.  Lucia for only 2 days before we received the devastating news that my sisters baby had passed. She was only 18 months old and we needed to find a flight home right away. Well we spent all of our money getting to St. lucia and had already bought round trip flights. We had to borrow a couple thousands dollars from my Uncle just to get home.

Rui and I always spoke about getting married and getting engaged but didn’t really have the money to start planning. My Grandmother thought otherwise… after my baby nieces funeral, we all went yo my mothers house for a celebration of Brinley’s life. My grandmother was mourning over her death and decided life was too short to not express love for one another. So she told everyone she had an announcement to make and grabbed Rui… she gave him her ring and told him he needs to ask me to marry him right now! He was sweating and thought that I had planned this. He wasn’t prepared and had never imagined asking me at a funeral.  But even through the toughest times in life, love shines through. We are currently planning our wedding now and couldn’t be happier together.

Thank you for listening :)

Their special dates

Danielle Malec & Rui Vasconcelos were happily engaged on 08/20/2013 and celebrate their anniversary on 01/16/2016.

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