Brian Barker & Chrissy cuciti

I had the ring for months. I knew it was going to be her Christmas present. I hinted to her that Christmas would be very special and I guess I sort of gave away the surprise because she felt that it was coming.

We were going away To her parents house in New Jersey for the weekend before Christmas and I wanted to do it before then so we had the good news and the ring to show her family. After all I was pretty sure she was going to say yes. I made dinner reservations for us at the Grand Concourse in Station Square, right across from the city. I was nervous so a bottle of wine was much needed. It just so happened that some people she worked with were there as well and one of her generous co-workers bought us another bottle of wine that was much appreciated. I guess they were thinking I was going to propose right there in the restaurant but that wasn’t my plan.

We headed up the incline, a famous landmark in Pittsburgh, up to Mt. Washington to see our beautiful city. It was cold and raining a little bit. It was almost Christmas after all. I was very nervous even though I was almost certain she would say yes. I’m not the type of guy to make a scene and get down on one knee and even though there was no one around that felt weird to me. I told her that I wanted to give her One of her presents early and told her how much I loved her and how happy she made me. I pulled the ring from my coat and said, “will u marry me?” She seemed instantly floored by the sight of the ring and said ” oh baby, yes.

I think she had tears in her eyes but the rain on her glasses made it look like she did even before I asked. I know after I put the ring On her finger she wiped away the tears on my face and we kissed. Out of nowhere another couple entered the overlook just in time to snap a picture of that moment that will be forever remembered in my heart and hers as the day we both agreed to spend our lives together and be a family for all time.

Their special dates

Brian Barker & Chrissy cuciti were happily engaged on 12/20/2012 and celebrate their anniversary on 06/21/2014.

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