Puppy Love

jen hague & Aaron Starr
My love story began from the moment I met the man of my dreams at the Thomas Stoll Dog Park in Overland Park. We had both been through a rough past. I endured an unfaithful and verbally abusive prior marriage and he suffered through an unhealthy long-term relationship and forced prior engagement. We both understood what the other had gone through and helped heal our wounds with unconditional love and time.
I am a professioanl pet photographer in the area and I happened to be at the dog park with my Schnauzer Remington.  I met Aaron and his sweet Vizsla Abby there and we talked for almost 2 hours the first time we met. From the moment I met this man, there was an instant connection. We didn’t need to understand why we were drawn to each other — we just knew this was our destiny and we never looked back. Whether it be a quiet night at home, whipping up masterpieces in the kitchen or our many adventures out on the town — I am so blessed, content and thankful to experience it all with my best friend and true love.
Fast forward a little over one year later and Aaron suggested we go to the dog park on September 29 and make the most out of the last bit of daylight. He walked us casually over to the exact same spot where we met on the grass and I was presented with new engraved tags for our dogs with my address on the back (because he’s selling his house and moving in with me). He then showed me a third tag that said “Jennifer Starr” which would be my new name. Then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It could not have been any more perfect.
I truly believe everything in life happens for a reason and leads us to where we ultimately should be. We both feel very blessed to have overcome our past and that we were led to find one another. We are so excited for our future and we thank you for allowing us to share our story in your contest.
Jennifer Hague and Aaron Starr

Their special dates

jen hague & Aaron Starr were happily engaged on 09/29/2013 and celebrate their anniversary on 10/04/2014.

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