San Francisco Sunset Cruise Proposal

Tatyana Veren & Steven Lee

How He Asked

One of the first dates we ever went on was a sunset cruise under the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco that Steven surprised me with. We made it a tradition to go back on that same cruise, on the same date, every year.

This was our 3rd year going on the cruise and I couldn’t wait! We had been talking about our future a lot recently and I was thinking that this would be such a perfect time to get engaged. Inevitably I ended up ruling the whole thing out because every time I brought it up or grilled him, he was so calm and laughed it off. I soon figured out that I was spot on!

When we got to the dock, Steven handed the employee our “cruise tickets” (which he purchased solely to throw me off of what was really happening) and she pointed us to where the boat was docked, just like she did every other year. Once we reached the boat a photographer (that Steven actually hired but was posing as a cruise employee) was standing out front asking us to pose for a few quick shots for their website. I thought nothing of it and smiled away like an idiot! Then a second photographer came by (and apparently snuck Steven the ring!) to assist in the shooting. After a few shots, I turned to get on the boat and Steven grabbed my hand and stopped me. He began telling me how this is where all of his uncertainty went away, and he knew I was the one. Then my vision began to get blurry, and next thing I knew he was on his bended knee with my dream ring stretched out in front of him. After he asked me to marry him, I extended out my shaking hand and said YES! As we kissed and hugged, the photographer continued shooting (as this is apparently what they were hired to photograph in the first place!) and captured our amazing moment. Suddenly I heard a bunch of cheering and thought “Oh wow! The people on this cruise are so sweet to celebrate with us!”… But when I turned around I started recognizing familiar faces one by one by one. Standing on the boat were all of our closest friends smiling down at me! Steven had rented out the entire boat so we could immediately celebrate with our closest friends. I climbed the steps to the boat and greeted everyone, still barely holding myself up! It was an amazing several hours, cruising under the Golden Gate and Bay Bridges with our best friends. He even made sure that my favorite wine was on board! After we docked, everyone headed down to the same restaurant Steven and I went to after our very first time on this cruise, where Steven had reserved a group table.

As dinner came to a close our friends parted ways, and I just kept thinking that I didn’t want this night to end. As we made our way to the car, Steven told me that he already asked my boss for me to have the next day off and swept me off to a hotel suite covered in rose petals! He had apparently been planning this night for over a year, and every detail exceeded my wildest expectations. It was a night I will never forget, and I can’t believe that such an amazing man planned the perfect way to ask me to be his forever.


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Their special dates

Tatyana Veren & Steven Lee were happily engaged on 09/29/2013 and celebrate their anniversary on 09/12/2015.

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