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Brittany Cooper & Ronnie Rasmussen

Hi there! My name is Brittany and I blog over at Happy Is A Choice! Here is our sweet engagement story <3

When I got home from work on Tuesday, there was a note on my whiteboard when I walked in, instructing me to look for the first clue “in the midst of the notes.” There was a box of thank you notes right next to the whiteboard, so I dug through it real fast, and when I didn’t find anything, I was frantic.I tore through each one again, opened them, dumped them on the table, etc. I then started texting my girlfriends and also Ronnie because I was losing my mind trying to find my clue. I knew this wasn’t any typical scavenger hunt, I had a hunch it would end with something sparkly!



When I couldn’t find the clue anywhere in my apartment, I decided to go get in the shower and shave my legs so I could wear a cute dress hahaha. I finally remembered that I had a wall of Post-Its notes on that spelled I <3 U from Valentines Day so I rushed up to the shelves on the wall, and there I found a sweet love letter and directions to my next clue.

My clue was Somewhere I could find some of my favorite things, and where a few people close to my heart frequent. I immeditaely rushed to Starbucks, duh. I LOVE coffee and lemon cake pops, and two of my closest friends work there! One of the baristas gave my next clue there.

In it was another letter, and a clue to go somewhere that we called ours. This just took me a couple minutes, was it a restraunt, coffee shop? But then I knew-our new HOUSE we just bought. We haven’t closed on it yet, so its not officially ours (it will be this week!) so I drove there and found another clue in the bushes.
The next clue said to go where it all became official, so I drove to a park where Ronnie asked me to be his girlfriend in August. He had asked me on top of a hill, but I was blindfolded that night on the way up, so on Tuesday, I couldnt find the way up to the top and I wandered around feeling like an idiot for a good 10 minutes. Finally, I reached the top of the hill where Ronnie was waiting for me, and expected him to drop down on one knee then and there and call it a night.
NOPE. He had other plans. He took me to a really yummy dinner downtown, and I could hardly speak because I was thinking about when and if it was going to happen! Was he going to wait til after dinner? How does this work? I texted my girlfriends something along the lines of “What if he just is taking me on a sweet date before my trip?” HAHA.
After dinner, he took me to one of our favorite coffee shops downtown, and as soon as we sat down,he rushed me out again and told me to drink my coffee in the car. When we went back to where our cars was parked, he told me not to go in the apartment, and that we’d drive to desert together. He told me to keep my eyes closed the entire car ride and when he finally parked and let me open my eyes, we were in the backyard of our new house.


Candles in paper bags lined the entire backyard and there was a little table set up with wine and my favorite desert, lemon cake pops. We enjoyed desert and wine, and then he washed my feet and told me that he wanted me to know he would always serve me for the rest of his life.

I started crying then, just like I am crying now. What a blessing that man is, God couldn’t have picked a better man to be my husband.

After he washed my feet, he told me the reason he wanted to propose in the backyard of our soon to be home is because soon, we’d be living there together and would start our lives and family in that home. He asked me to marry him and slipped on that most perfect ring, and of course, I said yes.


Engaged in front of our soon to be home :)

After we celebrated together for just a couple minutes, he got up quickly, dumped out his wine, and rushed me out of the yard again. I wasn’t even finished with my wine! He seemed awfully excited to go watch Friday Night Lights, but before we went back to my apartment, he said he needed to get something at his house. All night my girlfriends and I had been texting and one of my friends is married to Ronnie’s best friend and thats who he lives with, she had said she was going to bed so I was going to just wait in the car but he asked me to come in. When I got inside it was dark, and when Ronnie flipped on the lights, all of our dear friends jumped up and shouted surprise. I started crying again when I saw my best friends in one place, there to celebrate with me.


Some of the sweet girls in my life who came to celebrate with us!


My sweet book club girls


Happiest bride to be

I couldn’t have asked for a sweeter, more thoughtful, so ME proposal. Ronnie has always sent me on little scavenger hunts, and it was so special that he chose our new home to begin this next chapter in our life. Having my friends there at the end of the night was a dream come true.

I am so happy, so blessed, so excited. I left the next day for my friend’s wedding in Iowa, and am finally home with my fiancé. I will be moving here in the next couple weeks into our new home and anxiously waiting October 5th, the day I become Mrs. Rasmussen and don’t have to say goodbye at night anymore.

Thanks for reading, friends!
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Their special dates

Brittany Cooper & Ronnie Rasmussen were happily engaged on 06/12/2013 and celebrate their anniversary on 10/05/2013.

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