The Balloon

Yinkon Her & Darla

Darla and I met at Nyack College in Nyack, New York. I (Yinkon) am from Colorado, and she is from Missouri. On our first date, I took her to the Art Cafe. This coffee shop is a wonderful place in downtown Nyack. It was her first time there, and it was also the place we first talked about getting married. I just knew she was the one. I started contacting a couple of my more tech-savvy friends in April of 2013, and asked if they could help me out with a project. I had asked them to help me make a proposal video. Here’s the backdrop; Darla’s father passed away when she was 16, and she’s always wanted me to meet him. I was thinking of an innovative way to ask him for his blessing. After a couple months of planning, I decided I was going to make a video of me writing a letter to him, walking it up to a mountaintop, and letting it go. Long story short, on November 19, 2013 I reserved the same table we sat at on our first date in the Art Cafe and her roommate brought her in, sat her down and gave her an iPad to watch the video. Darla was clueless of everything. After streams of tears, I came in and proposed. Here is the video, enjoy! If you enjoyed it, I ask if you could spread the word. I love this woman with all of my heart, and I want the world to know!

Their special dates

Yinkon Her & Darla were happily engaged on 11/19/2013 and celebrate their anniversary on 05/09/2014.

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