The Creepers Always get the Girls

Marisa Hauk & Mathew Akers

Our Story starts out at a warehouse in Greencastle Indiana called Acena Retail.  It was my first day of work and as I was walking out of the caffe to go outside to smoke I had the urge to look down and when I did I noticed my picture on Mathew’s phone and said ” Why am I on your phone?” he didn’t answer so I walked away. Not thinking nothing about it because everyone has a meetme account now a days anyways. Who would of guessed that the guy I didn’t know anything about would soon be come my whole life. We started texting back and forth and then we soon went on two dates and before you know it he was asking me to move in and then took me to cataract falls to take fall pictures where he surprised me with a proposal to be his wife. I couldn’t be any happier then what I am when im with him. shortly after he proposed I fell and sprung my ankle so I guess you could say he literally knocked me off my feet.

Their special dates

Marisa Hauk & Mathew Akers were happily engaged on 11/02/2014 and celebrate their anniversary on 10/25/2015.

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