The Simpson Engagement

Brianda Beltran & J. Roberto Bojorquez

We met in high school, when I met him instantly felt that he would be part of my life, he was a friend of a friend and told him I also like watching the Simpsons and Ripley TV program.

So our relationship started, full of beautiful moments, exciting memories, and sometimes difficult as everything.

For 8th anniversary, we wanted to do something special, I love to travel, and so we decided to take a little road trip from Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico to Hollywood, California. We went to Universal Studios because they had opened the new attraction: Springfield, as we are Fan of the Simpsons, was our dream.

We toured the park, we went up to the attractions like Jurassic park ride, The Simpson ride, Transformers, The Mummy, etc. we were having amazing day.

We saw the characters of the Simpsons and could go to take pictures with them.

And we form for the photo, it was our turn, we took a picture, then he tells me Do you want a photo with the Simpson? And then he kneels down and I see the ring! And he asks me if I want to marry him, I was very excited and said Yes!! It was very emotional, all the people around us applauded us and the Simpsons, (surprised as me), and they hugged us.

Workers at Universal Studios congratulated us, and many people gave us good wishes.

After the park, we went to Hollywood blvd, and visited the Ripley´s Museum , Was a beautiful, full of emotions trip.

After eight years together, we’re going to  get married!

Their special dates

Brianda Beltran & J. Roberto Bojorquez were happily engaged on 04/26/2015 and celebrate their anniversary on 10/15/2016.

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