The woman I dance in the middle of the streets with

Erik Myers & Dominique Marie Kamakanakai'inialoha Laborte
The first time that I met Dominique Marie Kamakanakai’inialoha Laborte was a cold and rainy winter night in the college town of McMinnville, Oregon. The scene was just as you might imagine a small party on a Friday night might be: cheap beer, emotional conversations, and random late-night quesadillas.
Dominique was studying Athletic Training in McMinnville, a long ways away from her home island of Maui. I decided to head to the campus for the weekend and stay with some friends. We stayed up until 4 that night talking. She listened. Not just to the words I was saying, but where they came from and what they meant to me. I could feel it. I was intrigued by her passion for helping others and her calm, Hawaiian nature. Little did I know that this was the night I would first connect with the woman that has brought an abundant amount of joy to my life and the person I share my dreams and aspirations with.
Now let’s fast forward two years from that initial contact to the beginning of this year just a few weeks after Valentines Day. I get a message from Dominique out of the blue asking how I’m doing.
Bliss. That warn feeling in my chest is back.
I was instantaneously reminded of that first feeling I got from that night before I even got the chance to read her full message. The next day we met up for lunch to continue the conversation. I remember so vividly waiting at a table outside as she walked up the street towards me with the sunshine glistening on her face with every step she took.
“Is this real life?” I asked myself.
I continue to ask myself that same question every day. There hasn’t been a few hours that have passed that I haven’t thought to myself, “how did I get so lucky?”
One of my goals for 2014 was to connect with the perfect woman for me. I had spent the previous two years determined to discover myself after having an “ah-ha” moment in the summer of 2012 that woke me up to realize that I am in control of my life, and my social anxiety has disappeared ever since.
Anyway, I went into full detail on January 1st writing down everything I imagined my dream girl to be. This girl would have a calm, nurturing essence. She would be athletic and healthy while also showing compassion towards those still working towards their goals. She would have dreams and aspirations of an abundant life. She would have a huge, loving family. She would be selfless in her relationships with friends and family. She would be grateful, kind, and unique. She would know what it’s like to struggle, but also possess the strength to overcome any obstacle life throws at her.
I could go on and on. The point I’m trying to illustrate is that Dominique is everything that I first imagined in my mind. The meaning of a “dream girl” never made as much sense as it has since meeting Dominique. What makes our love special is that we do not want to possess each other’s lives. I know in the past, I’ve had relationships that were ego-driven and each person was trying to control the other, but with Dominique, we are interdependent. We are here to enjoy each other’s company each day no matter how difficult life’s obstacles may be.
On September 15th, just two months ago, we moved back to her hometown of Lahaina on Maui where we have taken the first step towards our dreams and aspirations. We have goals of growing our online fitness Coaching business into a full-time career. Not many men grow up wanting to be a stay-at-home dad but there’s nothing I want more in life than to be able to spend my days with my beautiful (someday) wife, Dominique, to be present and actively involved in our children’s lives, and be able to help others transform their health and wellbeing. I will do whatever it takes to manifest these dreams and goals into reality.
The reason why I’m so passionate about being an honest, loyal, and compassionate husband and father goes a little further. I won’t go into much detail since this story is about Dominique and our love story, but one would not exist without the other. When I was 19, my father passed away. He was my best friend and the closest person I’ve ever been to. He was a loving and incredible father, but he did not prioritize his family life. He was constantly involved in affairs and causing emotional damage to our family and our upbringing. I am determined to learn from my dad’s mistakes and I will continue to improve each day as a person by reading self-improvement books, exercising, expressing my gratitude for everything this life has given me, and to make Dominique feel as amazing as she makes me feel each day.
I strongly believe that Dominique and I share the type of love that any person would be ecstatic to have. It’s why I wake up excited each day. I may look like a fool at times (especially when I make us dance in public, specifically in the middle of the street:) ) She is my best friend and the balance that I’ve long yearned for. She makes me feel like the luckiest man in the world each morning I wake up next to her and I would do anything for her and our love.
I would be extremely grateful to work with you all and give Dominique the wedding dress that she deserves. I’m sure you have hundreds of rightfully deserving couples as well and I wish you the best of luck in your decision. What you all are doing is so incredibly generous and thoughtful and I can’t thank you enough for giving me this opportunity to reflect on my love story with Dominique as I’m reminded how truly blessed I am to spend this life with the woman of my dreams.
Best of luck with your decision and have a wonderful day :)
With love,
Erik Myers
(503) 260‑4696


Their special dates

Erik Myers & Dominique Marie Kamakanakai'inialoha Laborte were happily engaged on 12/21/2014 and celebrate their anniversary on 04/04/2016.

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