Valentine’s Day Surprise

Valerie Heideman & Shawn Glover

Valentine’s Day 2014, started out like any other Valentine’s Day we had had in the last 6 years together, we were both getting ready for work, sipping champagne and eating strawberries in the half hour we get to spend together in the morning trying to celebrate as much as we can in the short amount of time we get to spend with each other on a week day, when Shawn pulls out a little grey box, I screamed and said “is this what I think it is??”  he smiles and says “No” haha.

I open it to find a beautiful set of earings, thinking this is an AMAZING start to the day! We wouldn’t see each other again until 9pm for our dinner reservations.  He arrives to pick me up at 9pm for our dinner together, I turned around for one minute and when I turn back to Shawn he is down on one knee and has another little grey box in his hand, I don’t think he will ever forget how excited I was because I backed away from him and screamed for about a minute, paused for him to open the box and then continued to scream for another minute at least!

I don’t think he even asked before I screamed “OMG YES!”  I think the whole city heard our engagement, well atleast a good 6 block radius, haha.  The guy who lives upstairs of where we were watched the whole thing out his window as I was screaming in excitement.

With the biggest smile on my face, we went for supper, and I think I took 100 photos of my ring and us just at supper!  Came home from supper and called my mother right away, as her birthday is Valentine’s Day, I told her I have the most amazing Birthday present for you, WE GOT ENGAGED!

She was extatic!  The waitress at the restaurant said she will never forget us and our happiness that day! We have since gone back to the restaurant where we shared our first meal as an engaged couple and the waitress was right she hasn’t forgot us or our special day!  Truly the BEST Valentine’s Day EVER!

Their special dates

Valerie Heideman & Shawn Glover were happily engaged on 02/14/2014 and celebrate their anniversary on 08/15/2015.

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