You and Only You

Stephanie Basl & Steve Basl

Prologue:  On Halloween in 2007, I had a grad class and was completely bummed that I was missing Trick-or-Treating.  I always looked forward to handing out candy.  When I heard that Steve had other plans instead of handing out candy at his place, a few little arguments began.  And if I recall correctly, I believe I let it linger into the next day.  Little did I know, Steve had his neighbor hand out candy while he went to the Humane Society with my friend to buy a kitten.  This was supposed to be a part of his proposal.  Unfortunately, I was told that Steve’s face blew up from allergies and a kitten will never be in our future.

Our Engagement Story:  The next day (a Thursday), Steve explained that he wanted to have a “Crazy Date Night” on Friday since I was stressed with school and teaching.  At this time, we both were making our marks and paving our paths in our professional lives.  Because of this, I took him up on the offer in hopes to change the pace of routine.  It became another new day as we followed our routines.  When I called him after work, he asked if I wanted to drive since I recently bought my first car..  Does he know me or am I just that gullible?  When I arrived at his house, I walked in like usual and noticed a bag on the table with an “I’m Sorry” sign in its company.  Steve has always been good for the “little moments that speak loudly” from the beginning of our relationship.  Therefore, I believed bag and sign was an apology for our arguing and unnecessary bickering.  At this time, any belief that he was going to propose left with the handwritten sign.

As I looked at the bag, I waited for Steve to actually give it to me.  (I didn’t want to seem selfish or too eager.)  However, he stayed on his couch and told me to go ahead and open it.  I opened the bag and retrieved a stuffed animal – orange cat – from Build-A-Bear.  Then, Steve added that there was more.  In my head, I was excited that he bought me a kitten, especially because Keegan, our one-year-old pit bull/lab mix, wore a sad, I-want-attention face.  As I waited to see a kitten run across the floor or hop down the steps, Steve advised me to press the kitten’s paw.  He nervously stared at me as a recording of his voice exclaimed, “Stephanie Lynn Englert, will you marry me?”  He dropped to one knee and opened a ring box that contained a non-throwing football (our nickname for a marquise-cut diamond ring).  As his voice trembled while asking the question and sharing a few treasured words with me, I began to cry, an action that caught me off-guard.  I shook my head and quietly yet ecstatically said “Yes!” to my best friend as he slipped the ring onto my finger.

Their special dates

Stephanie Basl & Steve Basl were happily engaged on 11/02/2007 and celebrate their anniversary on 06/20/2009.

  • kathy

    I dont think I ever heard this whole story before Steph and Steve and as usual Steph you brought tears to my eyes. Love you both


    • Steve Basl

      Thanks Kathy! Of course you were a big part of the story, all of us hanging out passing out candy when I stopped by… Thanks for your vote, and feel free to share to anyone to stop and read our story as well as others. And of course, make sure they vote. ;)


  • deana gamrat

    I think I bought grayson a story about an orange kitten before he was born. what a coincidence. you guys are the best!!


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